Third-Party Verifications Encourage a Green Premium

The Washington Post ran a great column this weekend called, Is green good for home resale value? The article discusses reports in Oregon, Washington and California which show promising indicators that the market is starting to reflect growing interest in more energy efficient homes with premium value.

One important point to add:  The common element among the homes that sold for a premium and those didn’t was a green build/remodel certification.  It seems that a third-party verification of a homes’ “greenness” is a critical signal to the market that the green performance really delivers.

This is a key point to understand whether you operate an MLS, run a certification program, or are building or remodeling a home.  If you expect to see a premium at the time of resale, you’d better make sure the home owner understands that certification is literally like gold and make certain it gets including with any listing promotion.

My article, “There is No ‘I’ in MLS” explains more about how critical it is that green verification info flows from builder/contractor to home owner to listing agent to buyer to appraiser!

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