The Top Solar Powered Gadgets That Your Home Should Be Using

The Top Solar Powered Gadgets That Your Home Should Be Using

Solar powered technology has made some big advances in the last few years. Besides better designed, more efficient solar panels that you can put on you home, there have been some equally significant if smaller improvements. New solar powered gadgets are coming out all the time. These twelve gadgets are simple enough and beneficial enough that every home should be using them

1. Logitech Solar Wireless Keyboard

Your computer suck up a lot of energy, but that doesn’t mean your keyboard has to. This keyboard charges quickly and easily. It hold up to three months worth of power in a single charge.

2. Creative Edge Solar Powered Cell Phone Charger


Most people spend a lot of time on their cell phones. What better way to help reduce your carbon foot print than with this easy to use solar cell phone charger. It is easy to plug in your phone to one of the two USB ports and leave it charging on a window sill.

3. Eton Ruckus Solar Powered Bluetooth Speaker

This solar powered speaker is designed to be used outdoors or anywhere you might what to give your phone’s speakers a little boost.

4. XD Design Solar Window Charger

This is another great solar charger that sits right in your window and soaks up energy from the sun. The 1800 mAh battery is small, but large enough to give most phones a full charge.

Birksun Boost Solar BackpackThis high quality backpack is a great way to hold all of your gear and power all of your devices at the same time. Made from high quality material the big solar panel on the back is large enough to quickly power your phone, tablet, or other devices. The simple clear lines and great design mean that you will love the way it looks, too.

5. Swiftly Done Peel-n-Stick Outdoor Solar Lights


There are lots of outdoor solar lights but these solar lights have some pretty big advantages. The peel and stick feature makes them easy to stick anywhere you need a little light, and the motion sensor feature means that you don’t have to worry about shining the light and wasting the reserved battery when the light isn’t needed.

6. Etekcity Solar Lantern


This solar powered light is powerful enough that it charges in just two hours and lasts for up to 8 hours. Whether you take it on your next camping adventure or just need a little extra light outside in your backyard at night, this lantern is easy to carry and plenty bright. It is great for emergencies and power outages, too.

7. Sunnytech Solar-Powered Reading Lamp and USB Charger

This solar powered lamp does double duty as a night light and USB charger. You can take it with you when you travel or just use it to read and power your phone at home.

8. Goal Zero 150WH Generator and Solar Panel


When the power goes out, or if you want to try living off the grid you need something really big. This 1500WH generator has an AC adapter and is perfect for emergencies.

9. Secur Solar Powered Flashlight

A solar powered flashlight is as simple and as essential as solar powered gear can get. This one take an hour to charge and holds two hours worth of power. It also has a crank if you need more power after the battery runs out.

10. Skylock Solar Bike Lock


Billed as the world’s smartest bike lock, this solar powered lock has a number of extra security features that make it stand out. Besides unlocking remotely when you are nearby, it also sends out alerts if you have a crash or your bike is stolen.