The Top 10 Greenest Technology Companies for 2017

The Top 10 Greenest Technology Companies for 2017

For 2017, the top ten leading technology companies for going green include: Dell, IBM, Cisco, Adobe, Apple, Panasonic, Nokia, Sony, Google, and Fujitsu. Here is a summary of the impressive steps they are taking in order to fuel green technological progress in the year 2017!

1. Dell

Dell is working hard to remove it’s environmental footprint when it comes to packaging and recycling goods. It aims in 2017 to reduce the energy intensity of its product portfolio by eighty percent in hopes to reach it’s goals by 2020 to leave a Legacy of Good!

2. IBM


IBM has excellent environmental policy, which states that: ‘Use, development, and manufacturing processes should be done in a manner that do not harm the environment, and that minimize waste, health, and safety risks. Everything should be disposed of safely, and responsibly’.

3. Cisco

Cisco has become more assertive in this area by building a 3 solar photovoltaic system in Texas, and Bangalore. This will help them save over $380000 in electricity costs. It’s EnergyWise and JouleX projects are set to reduce energy consumptions in buildings across the board.

4. Adobe

photo_1389274155_quiz_image_tempAdobe is one of the first founding companies of the ‘Building Health Initiative’ by the U.S. Green Building Council. Its technological investments include Wind spire wind turbines, and Bloom Energy fuel cells. These power the company’s California facilities.

5. Apple

Apple’s image for sleek, modern, and minimalist design comes directly from it’s founder Steve Jobs. This is the only company which runs its data through 100 percent renewable energy processes. In 2017, the company has the goal of powering all if its offices and stores with renewable energy.

6. Panasonic

Panasonic has its own indicator of CO2 emissions. Their main plan is to reduce the CO2 emissions of their whole company processes via recycling, water conservation, and reducing chemical substance uses in order to help preserve the earth’s biodiversity.

7. Nokia


Nokia is dedicated to working on designing smart apps for helping to monitor electricity grids around the world. This company has also started refurbishing its buildings for energy efficiency.

8. Sony

Sony has always strived to achieve a zero footprint status for environmental damages. It tries to steer clear away from usage of oil, certain metals, and virgin plastics. The computer science innovation laboratory is trying to research open energy systems for ultra distributable energy grids.

9. Google

Google is funding 1.5 billion dollars worth of renewable energy projects. It prides itself in using only 50% of the energetic resources of most other data centres.

10. Fujitsu


Fujitsu was the first company to be certified for the “Eco-First Program” in Japan. This company is a pioneer of helping preserve biodiversity, and helping to protect the environment. The company has reported great achievements in reductions of greenhouse gas emissions and use of renewable energy. This company is going to become one of the greenest companies in the marketplace.

Wrap Up

In a nutshell, technology companies are the first of all other types of manufacturing companies to really embrace the environmental and sustainability movements. Their leadership in creating the future will hopefully inspire other companies to move in the same direction in creating a more sustainable way of living for all.