Solar Generators and What They Mean For The Future

Solar Generators and What They Mean For The Future

Solar technology is a fast growing trend all around the world and there seems to be a new breakthrough weekly. You can charge your cellphone via a solar charger and can heat your hot water with solar power. Elon Musk even unveiled his new solar shingled roof. This is a game changer for the rise of solar power. In a world that’s embracing so much technology we knew that it was only a matter of time before the first solar powered generator came along.

Renogy recently revealed the new Lycan Powerbox. It’s a personal solar generator that’s quiet, efficient and will eventually surpass those noisy kerosene generators. It doesn’t rely on fossil fuels but rather the energy of the sun, something we’re not going to run out of any time soon. Solar energy doesn’t pollute the environment so you can feel good about using this when things go dark.

Solar generators don’t discharge deadly fumes when you use them, so they’re safe to use indoors if the need arises. This particular solar generator has wheels for easy transportation and is enclosed in sturdy waterproof material. This makes it ideal for camping and tailgating, or even a middle of the night blackout to keep your vital electronics powered up.


This solar generator has a maximum input of 300 watts and can be charged by 3 solar panels in just under three hours. Did I mention that it can be charged through your wall with car outlets? When the sun is out, if you have a solar array on your home, you’ll be able to charge your generator while using it to power your home. Pretty cool, huh?

It even has AC/DC outlets and USB port and it’s compatible with almost all devices on the market. If you’re going on a weeklong camping trip it can pay to have this little generator with you. It’s currently up for preorder on Indiegogo at $1,449 and has a standard MSRP of $1,799. Not bad for a generator that you can use indoors and doesn’t pollute the environment.

If a 300 watt solar generator is a little too small for you there are options that are much more heavy duty. The Goal Zero Yeti 1250 is a perfect example of a workhorse solar generator. It weighs in at a hefty 103 pounds, but it does come with a retractable handle and wheels for easy movement. It’s got a 1200 watt battery and is rechargeable by AC power, 12V power and Solar energy.

It’s extremely versatile and can adapt to many situations. This solar generator is truly ideal for blackout situations. It can be used to power tablets, laptops, TV’s and even a fridge. It’s got a long battery life so long as you’re following proper guidelines and not draining it at max capacity. Just like the Lycan Powerbox, the Goal Zero Yeti can be used indoors eliminating the fuel and the harmful fumes of regular generators.

These solar generators and ones coming out in the future will have a huge impact on how we run our daily lives. When the power goes out, the first thing dad does is run to the garage to get the generator and fill it up with kerosene or diesel. With solar generators and the general advancement of solar power the need for fossil fuels will be eliminated entirely in our future. We’ll be going green!

By embracing solar energy in its infancy we’ll be paving the way for bigger and better discoveries. We’ll be creating new jobs and we’ll be helping our children achieve a total green world. We’ll be enforcing the idea that this is the direction we’re supposed to be moving in as a society. We’ll be setting a precedent for the future that we’re only okay with energy methods that don’t harm the world we live in. By doing this we’ll be ensuring that future generations have a healthy planet that will support them for many generations to come.

With solar energy we’ll be able to harness the power of the sun to power everything from our home, to our cars and Televisions. Imagine a solar powered airplane with a solar generator that can store enough power for long night flights and recharge during day flights. It’s coming, and it all starts with small steps like the growing use of personal solar generators. One day our cars will be powered by solar energy and the largest consumer of fossil fuels will be merely a relic of the past. It all starts with something as small and as common as a generator.