Nest Thermostat Review

Best WiFi ThermostatSmart thermostats can help you save on energy costs and keep you comfortable at home. The third generation of the Nest thermostat has finally been released by Google and Nest. This thermostat is not much different from the previous versions. The display is larger and easier to read has the ability of detecting movements from far. What makes the price $249 is not simply the hardware; the technology behind this device is simply compelling.


Its size is much bigger than the previous versions in addition to numerous quality upgrades. The current version is bigger than the older versions due to circular screen of this thermostat. As such, it can broadcast temperatures, across the room with a larger display.

Although the face is bigger, it is much slimmer than the earlier versions. On top of the increased visibility, Google has also added increased resolution and other features including Farsight. Farsight is a feature that functions similar to a motion sensor. It detects the minute you walk into a room and records the temperature and time depending on your choice of customizations.

New features

According to Google, the current version of the Nest thermostat has been built with more temperature sensors. However, those have not been clearly outlined in terms of functionality. Google claims that the added temperature sensors give the new Nest thermostat a higher accuracy.

You cannot miss the handy app updates provided by the thermostat, the minute it detects a problem with your air conditioning system or furnace through the Furnace Heads-Up feature. You might be wondering whether the new thermostat is worth your money. That will depend on several factors, most importantly your current situation.

It also comes with an auto-schedule as one of the added features. Using the auto-schedule feature, the Nest can learn the consistency of the temperatures that you prefer and program itself automatically. It also has an Auto-away mode that senses when you are not at home and turns the temperatures down.

Wi-Fi app

Accessing the climate control of your home is important, especially when you are not indoors. It is all about ensuring that all systems are working perfectly. It is also about having the privilege of setting the temperatures that you feel comfortable with, the minute you arrive at home.

With the Nest thermostat, you can connect it to your Wi-Fi through a tablet, laptop or smartphone. Once you have the app installed in your other devices, you can control things such as change temperature, and even view an energy use report for the previous 10 days ago. Many wireless thermostats do not support this feature.

If you had purchased an older Nest thermostat, then you will have to pay $250 to get the new version. However, it only comes with a few added features. If you had not purchased a Nest thermostat, then you can buy the new third generation Nest thermostat. You can obtain this from several retailers such as Target or Best Buy. Alternatively, you can wait for a drop in price for the older Nests, and purchase it at around $200.


When making a choice amongst thermostats, Nest stands out as among the best and most advanced. It is easy to install, automatic and can support a whole range of wireless devices. It is a great thermostat that will only get better.