Energy Efficiency Climbs into the “Must Have” List

Slow and steady wins the race. And over the past few months, energy efficiency has quietly been grabbing the media coverage from it’s sexy cousins the Renewables, like solar, wind and geothermal.

Early this month I reported that green as in wallet (saving money) was hot.  Now the July issue of Realtor Magazine is reporting that saving money is motivating Americans to seek out the energy efficiency improvement projects that go beyond yesterday’s stop-at-CFL-bulb-replacement trend:

Energy Efficiency is not on the wish list for home buyers in 2011 – it is on the ‘must’ list.

This is according to AVID Ratings and based on their 2010 Avid Home Design Drivers Study.  The Energy Efficient Homes report by Pike Research has similar rosy predictions:

Expenditures on energy-efficient home improvements, which have been essentially flat over the last few years, will see a period of strong growth through 2014, reaching $50.2 billion.

Top items in the AVID study include:

  • High-efficiency insulation
  • High-efficiency windows
  • Double- and triple- glazed windows
  • Tankless water heaters
  • Water-conserving devices
  • Products to improve indoor air quality
  • Renewable flooring
The news couldn’t be better for interested home owners.  Programs like Home Performance with ENERGY STAR and BetterBuildings are rolling out strong, with national coverage to bring the best game plan, great financing and incentives, and top-notch contractors into one-stop access to make it easy for homeowners to make energy upgrade improvements.  The best news is that the top items aside from the renewable flooring is typically addressed in these programs.  
The final frontier for home owner motivation is confirmed news that houses with these improvements not only save money monthly, but add to the overall value of the home. Positive indicators are popping on this front too, with more stories to follow as the GreenMLS movement evolves and becomes better at promoting the features and value of an energy efficient existing home.
Stay tuned!
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