D-Link DIR-885L/R Is a New Router That Offers a New Wi-Fi Standard

D-Link DIR-885L/R Is a New Router That Offers a New Wi-Fi Standard

D-Link has been impressing us for the last few years with advanced router specs and eye-catching colorful designs, but the newest AC3150 model DIR-885L/R is the most impressive model to date and it represents a massive technological advancement.

The AC3150 model DIR-885L/R is a new router and new Wi-Fi standard. Its a fantastic looking router but the router’s technological capabilities are even more impressive than its good looks. The router possesses MU-MIMO capabilities- most of the other routers currently on the market do not possess these capabilities. So what exactly does MU-MIMO stand for? It stands for multi-user multi-input multi-output. Without getting too technical, this is a new standard which basically creates a separate digital wireless networks for each computer device (up to four devices currently) so that each individual computer device can maintain a dedicated wireless connection.

D-Link DIR-885L or R

This isn’t just a standard technological advancement, it’s a revolution for routers. The MU-MIMO capability which D-Link’s latest model possesses allows for more stable, more dependable, more secure and significantly faster connections. Over the next few years it’s likely that we’ll see an increasing number of routers with MU-MIMO capabilities. Soon enough, every router will possess these capabilities. D-Link is simply one of the first companies to hit the market with this technological advancement. This isn’t surprising since D-link prides itself on being one of the fastest companies to release routers with the newest features and technology.

The AC3150 model DIR-885L/R is also dual band and speeds on the 5GHz band reach an impressive 2167Mbps and top speeds on the 2.4GHz band reach as high as 1000Mbps. The new router also comes with 2 USB ports, 1 Gigabit WAN port and 4 Gigabit LAN ports. The design is, as always with D-Links, modern and eye-catching and the four large antennas on the router are all detachable so you can alter the design to suit your tastes. The new router also impresses with D-Link’s usual tech savvy features such as smart wireless zoning capabilities which help to solve dead zones.

The AC3150 model DIR-885L/R isn’t cheap. It currently costs $280. This router is substantially more expensive than standard residential routers. In saying that, the MU-MIMO capabilities justify the cost for people who feel they will reap a lot of benefits from faster, more secure connections. If you are a remote worker or anyone who really needs a secure, fast, reliable connection and isn’t short on cash, this router might be a good purchase for you.

One downside to purchasing this new router today is that because MU-MIMO is still a new WiFi standard very few computer devices are completely compatible with it. This means you may have to wait a few years to enjoy the full benefits of this new, technologically advanced router. If you decide to purchase this router, you should check out computer reviews to see which devices are currently compatible with MU-MIMO.

Another option, is to wait a few years before buying a router with MU-MIMO capabilities. In a couple of years these types of routers will come with a lower price tag and should be compatible with almost all computer devices.