Comprehensive Thermostat Review

Comprehensive Thermostat Review

NetworkThermostat UP32HE smart thermostats with Ethernet and Wi-Fi are stand-alone, comprehensive and commercial-grade solutions that allow professional integrators the required flexibility for HVAC control and application. With an instantaneous direct connection to the Network Thermostat incorporated website, BAS interface, cloud management suite, multi-thermostat application, and the thermostat meet its challenge head on. 
The Networkthermostat UPP32xx smart thermostats offer the integration of all web pages, date, and time settings, a seven-day calendar scheduling, weather, alerts, notification destinations and network settings direct into the thermostat. Unlike similarly connected thermostats, the Net/X operate under the protection of firewalls and on the internet and include responsive design, web applications and integration with an automated system by the use of API, Modbus gateways, and BACnet. 

The thermostat also incorporates significant project management software and optional CloudConnect management portals. With the power of the NetX, individuals can enjoy simultaneous connections. UP32xx thermostats also control the conventional gas or electric (2H/2C) and heat pump (3H/2C) systems. You can also use the thermostat to manage humidifiers and dehumidifier or the fresh air circulators. The commercial lockouts include temperature set points overrides and override timers that are adjustable. The event scheduling engine in NetworkThermostat allows for 40 calendar events and 40 special events. 
The UP32xx also features an automatic changeover with four events per day with seven weekdays scheduling. Each UP32xx supports u to four Net/X occupancy sensors, an eleven sensor support remote sensor bus and two digital inputs. This enables the thermostat to send approximately 19 different to multiple text message and email destinations. The critical alerts are repeated over until the alert condition is reset or corrected.

The functional features of the product 

Networkthermostat’s 100% stand-alone Ethernet and Wi-Fi-based smart thermostats can work behind the network firewalls and don’t require cloud services for their operation. The nonvolatile, thermostats battery free memory stores all the programming required to run it. 
The thermostat has a simultaneous connection and performs local monitoring over the internet through the use of Net/X PC Command Center software and DirectConnnect to the thermostats embedded browser pages, mobile applications, the CloudConnect services and existing BACnet and Modbus BAS system. 
The Remote Sensor Bus in Net/X allows up to eleven remote sensors with the inclusion of up to 6 remote indoor and outdoor, humidity, supply & return air, two fault input for digital equipment and auxiliary. 
How does Network thermostat stand out from others thermostats in this category? 
The energy management systems in NetworkThermostats offer a lot of features and advantages that are not found in other systems. 
Because Cloud Services are optional, Net/X solutions are bound to meet even the most stringent network and security standards with the inclusion of PCI compliance, and the IT security corporate restrictions. 
The communication option of Ethernet allows for the use of wired connections for the ultimate security and speed. 
The comprehensive humidity and fresh air damper control and HVAC maximize the energy savings while ensuring optimal comfort for the occupant. 
The integrative energy efficient algorithms ensure random restarts across the thermostats; allow an adaptive recovery schedule and the runtime control for auto-adjusting equipment. 
Each UP32xx accommodates occupancy sensors, up to eleven remote sensors and at last two digital inputs for every thermostat t ensure flexible climate monitoring, transitional event reporting, and HVAC control. 
The existing alerting schema aids in facilities and equipment maintenance to ensure an optimum working condition. 
The CloudConnect project management software and PC apps allow total control of the locations of the thermostats from a single screen on a PC, Mac or tablet. 
The multiple connectivity options provide room for LAN or remote monitoring and control of the thermostat 
NetworkThermostat provides an open UI and API for system integration and development 
The NT-BAS incorporates Net/X Ethernet and Wi-Fi solutions to the existing BAS systems with the inclusion of BACnet, Echelon, and Modbus. 

Give a description of your app/UI and tell us what distinguishes it from competitors’. 

NetworkThermostat brings a harmonized platform UI, with the inclusion of the thermostats’ fixed pages, the CloudConnect management toolset, and the Net/X-IP Command application. The hardware communications allow the available UI environments to simultaneously operate together with a BAS or any other third party application. 
The CloudConnect and Command Center forums enable batch copying of the parameters, shows concurrent HVAC usage and operation and provide data classification for remote sensor and thermostat data, therefore, keeping true to the “Command Center” pedigree. The Net/X-IP Command Center application is also meant to monitor and control the third party applications that make use of the IP address or URL.