Best Smart Home Gadgets

Best Smart Home Gadgets

Use of smart home gadgets has become the need of the time. Smart gadgets are not just expensive items rather they are the necessities that are needed just like other household items. Notyetgreen offers some of the best Smart Home Gadgets at an affordable price. Their home gadgets offer quality service and are easy to use.

Nest Thermostat:


Nest Thermostat is one of the best Smart Home Gadgets offered by If you are looking for a thermostat for daily use, Nest stands out as one of the most advanced and best. It is not only easy to install but also has automatic features and provide support to a variety of wireless devices. The purpose of this thermostat is to save energy costs and keep the home comfortable at the same time. The latest version of Nest has the larger display which makes it easier to read its features. It also detects movements from far distances. The hardware and the technology behind the gadget make it a compelling product. The handy app update feature of thermostat gives you updates at the exact minute it detects a problem with the furnace or air conditioning system through its Head-up features. The advanced features installed in Nest thermostat makes it worth your money.


Solar Arrays:


One of the major investments a person can make in his home is the installation of solar arrays. Solar arrays are one of the most reliable Smart Home Gadgets by Notyetgreen because it goes a long way in terms of saving energy costs. It also saves the planet by utilizing the sunlight and changes it into electric energy. This method is cheap compared to commercial methods of producing electric energy. Installation of solar arrays can cut costs up t080%-100%. In addition, the use of solar arrays saves the earth because it reduces the use of fossil fuels and other methods of producing electricity which causes global warming.

The Neurio Sensor:


If you want to use energy efficient smart gadgets in your home, Notyetgreen is the ideal place to find out such products. The Neurio Sensor offered by can help you in achieving this goal. You can get information about the electrical consumptions of various devices used in the home by using Neurio sensor by installing it in an electric panel. All the information will be sent to you on your smartphones. Use of Neurio Sensor will notify you the energy consumption of all the appliances and you will be informed about the gadget using up the most energy among all the smart home gadgets. You can, in turn, reduce the usage of the device or you can cease the device if not required to be used on daily basis. Use of Neurio Sensor will help you in saving energy costs up to 40%.

 The RoboMower RL850:


Clearing the lawn is considered to be not-so-interested activities in the list of a person. If you are one of those people who find it difficult to clear the lawn, consider investing and buying the RoboMower RL850. You can mow your lawn by using this RoboMower with minimal effort and labor input. All you have to do is to put up pegs and surround the perimeter that needs trimming. Simply power up the device by running the wire all around those pegs and the RoboMower will do wonders. It works with high efficiency and will cut the grass in minimum time. You may find its cost of $1500 intimidating but its eco-friendly and energy efficient benefits outweigh the huge price. This energy efficient lawn mower also has inbuilt Bluetooth connectivity which will help you in navigating the device by using your tablet or smartphones.

The Nebia Shower:


Taking long showers is the desire of many individuals but unfortunately, many people cannot do this because of the need to save water. You can enjoy long luxe showers because they are economical to use and are energy efficient. The manufacturing of this fixture contains multiple nozzles which generate a balanced and superior water pressure and temperature. It also causes water to surround your body entirely when you shower. Although the price is a bit higher but it can help you in saving water as it only uses 30% of the water due to the installation of conventional shower heads.