5 Most Eco-Friendly Tech Products

5 Most Eco-Friendly Tech Products

The environmental problems facing the present world are countless. This situation has caused many homeowners and firms to seek eco-friendly strategies and products in a bid to save the rapidly depleting environment. With each passing day, innovators are coming up with green inventions, which help to ease the routine of life. What’s more, most of these devices are easy to navigate since you can link them to your smartphone or tablet through WI-Fi or Bluetooth. The tech gadgets outlined below are 5 of the most eco-friendly tech products.

1. The Nebia Shower

Many individuals usually wish that they could take longer showers. Unfortunately, they cannot do so because of the need to conserve water. The Nebia shower allows you to enjoy a long luxe shower, yet remain energy efficient and economical. This fixture constitutes multiple nozzles that generate a superior water temperature and pressure, causing water to engulf your body entirely as you shower. This cool gadgets has a price of $ 299. However, it only uses 30% of the water that you would use with the conventional shower-heads.

2. The Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest leaf

It is a 3rd generation device that is owned by Google. This gadget, which costs $250, enables homeowners to save on heating costs. It learns your mundane routine; hence, adjusts the temperature to suit your preferences. You can control the gadget remotely by linking it to your smartphone, tablet or computer through WI-Fi. Besides its functional purpose of helping you save on utility costs, the Nest Learning Thermostat adds aesthetic value to your home when suspended on a wall.

3. The Neurio Sensor

If you are looking for more energy efficient techniques in your home, the Neurio sensor can help you achieve this goal. When installed in an electric panel, it transmits information concerning your overall electrical consumption, to your smartphone. This gadget notifies you of the appliances that are using up the most energy in your household. This way, you can reduce its usage or cease using the device entirely. With a price of $249, this handy fixture will help you save up to 40% of the energy costs.

4. The RoboMower RL850


If clearing the lawn is not in your list of favorite activities, consider investing in the RoboMower device. It lets you mow your lawn with minimal labor input. To use it first put up pegs around the perimeter that you want to trim. Run the wire across these pegs and power up your RoboMower. It will cut the grass in the designated section with high efficacy. Although the cost of $1500 is somewhat intimidating, its eco-friendly benefits far outweigh this price tag. The lawnmower also supports Bluetooth connectivity; thus, you can navigate the device using your smartphone or tablet.

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5. Photovoltaic Venetian Blinds

The Photovoltaic Venetian blinds (PVVBs) operate in the same way as the conventional Venetian blinds. The added benefit of using the PVVBs is that they are eco-friendly. Usually, these gadgets are equipped with photovoltaics (solar cells) that trap solar energy and convert it into electricity. The PVVB power management center is responsible for producing DC power. The DC power is then transformed into AC power so as to facilitate electrical functions like charging cell phones. The fascinating aspect of this green tech product is that it can be connected to several other green tech gadgets.