5 Home Technologies That Save the Planet and Money

5 Home Technologies That Save the Planet and Money

Energy costs have been rising over the years. Not only have energy costs been rising, but the effects of various energy emissions have also been on the increase. This has made it very important for each and every one of us to try and save the planet in whatever way we can, and the best place to start from is the home. Below are 5 home technologies that save the planet and money.

1. Solar Arrays

Solar Power

Although installing solar arrays might be one of the biggest investments that anyone can make on their home, this is one of the best investments that they can make that would go a long way towards saving them a lot in terms of energy costs and saving the planet. Solar arrays utilize the sun by changing sunlight into electric energy. This can cut energy costs by up to 80% – 100%. It also saves the planet by reducing the reliance on fossil fuel and other energy generating methods that cause global warming.

2. Rain Water Harvesting System

Installing a simple rain water harvesting system where rain water is harvested using water gutters is one of the most inexpensive ways of saving on water costs. The rain water can be harvested and stored in tanks to be used for watering plants, flushing toilets and irrigation. This not only saves you a lot of money annually, but also reduces your over reliance on water companies therefore reducing pressure on water resources.

3. Installing Power Strips

Power strips are one of the cheapest ways of reducing your energy consumption in your home. Power strips work but monitoring the energy consumptions on devices that need to be constantly powered or that need charging. The power strips work by detecting when a device has been fully charged or when it does not need any more power and then turning off power to that device. The genius that is behind the power strips is that it saves the home from unnecessary energy consumption. This plays a big role in reducing your home’s energy consumption and also save reduce the planet’s carbon emissions.

4. New HVAC System with a Modern Day One

The chunk of a home’s energy consumption goes to heating and cooling systems. While the old HVAC systems usually account for about 43% of your household energy costs, the newer and energy efficient Energy Star HVAC system models reduce a home’s heating and cooling energy consumption by about 30 %. What’s more is that the Energy Star HVAC systems are even more efficient in maintaining and managing your heating and cooling needs.

5. Lighting

Eco BulbsChecking the kind of lighting you opt for your home is one of the simplest ways of reducing your energy consumption. LED bulbs can be used in place of traditional bulbs since they consume less power and even produce more light. Other energy saving house hold appliances can also be used to save on energy consumption. Such household appliances include washing machines, fridges, dish washers and cookers that are marked as Energy Star. Energy Star devices are energy efficient and can help reduce energy consumption by hue margins.