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February 2016

Green Gadgets, Green Technology

5 Most Eco-Friendly Tech Products

The environmental problems facing the present world are countless. This situation has caused many homeowners and firms to seek eco-friendly strategies and products in a bid to save the rapidly depleting environment. With each passing day, innovators are coming up…

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December 3, 2016
Wireless Routers

3 Wireless Routers For Big Homes

Considering the accretion of connectable home products, smart TVs, smartphones and other mobile devices, it has become essential to outfit businesses or homes with wireless routers that can accommodate the high demand for Wi-Fi connectivity. When selecting a new router,…

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Green Technology

What is EEE or Energy Efficient Ethernet?

Nowadays, it’s impossible to imagine a world without the internet. But what makes the internet possible are millions of billions of network connections all over the world. Most of these connections are done via the ethernet. These connections use a…

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