2011 Smartest Remodeling Projects in Chicago

The 2011 Cost vs Value Report has some interesting findings specific to Chicago area homes.

The Top 10 projects stack up a bit differently than nationally, but are in line with the East North Central Region. In Chicago only one project, Fiber Cement siding replacement breaks the 70% cost-recouped threshold at 76.1%.  The rest of the Top 10 Chicago projects recouped 66% of cost or less.  Nationally the cost-to-value ratio for the Top 10 is 69% and 78%, with an average of 71.6%

But, a whopping eight of out Chicago’s Top 10 projects include energy efficiency opportunities too (in bold).  These projects are great opportunities to beautify your home and add value, while improving comfort, air quality and monthly utility costs.

The best news is that many of these same projects qualify for loans or other incentives that make them incredibly do-able right now!
Depending where you live, the Top 8 projects all qualify for amazing loans and incentives:
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