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What Is Wireless Router?Wireless Routers

What Is Wireless Router?

Depending on your internet access needs, there are many connectivity gadgets that you can use with your PC, laptop, or even smart device to connect to the…

Best wireless routersWireless Routers

Best wireless routers

Wireless routers have become a necessity nowadays for one to be able to access the internet. Various devices such as phones, computer, television, and eBook reader among…

How To Extend Your Wireless Routers RangeWireless Routers

How To Extend Your Wireless Routers Range

From slow speeds, poor reception and downright failing to connect, Wi-Fi, as much as we value it, can be frustrating to say the least. Sometimes, however, the…

What is EEE or Energy Efficient Ethernet?Green Technology

What is EEE or Energy Efficient Ethernet?

Nowadays, it’s impossible to imagine a world without the internet. But what makes the internet possible are millions of billions of network connections all over the world.…

DLink AC3200 ReviewWireless Routers

DLink AC3200 Review

The D-Link AC3200 router is definitely the most eye-catching router, but its sci-fi look is not the only thing about it worth mentioning your attention. It’s easy…

Comprehensive Thermostat ReviewProgrammable Thermostats

Comprehensive Thermostat Review

NetworkThermostat UP32HE smart thermostats with Ethernet and Wi-Fi are stand-alone, comprehensive and commercial-grade solutions that allow professional integrators the required flexibility for HVAC control and application. With…